Thursday, 15 May 2008

Done! Three weeks to go til I come home

Hello dear internet! The go-live is over and done with and I can finally exhale. Here's what my life has been about for the past little while: lots of tasks on whiteboards.

That's not very interesting to anyone outside of the project so here are some interesting things in the sky. Part one: I think this is called a "sundog". It's like a little segment of a rainbow, without the rest of it. Weird. Taken from an SUV doing 75mph down the freeway, so please excuse the lack of focus.

And this is a sunset outside t'mill, on the first day of the four-day cutover. The foreground flag is the Arkansas state flag. Not sure what the background one is, I don't think I've seen it before....

Yeah, that was lame. Sorry.

And in the odd few moments I've been able to snatch, I've been listening to a lot of American podcasts. The radio stations here aren't up to much so I'm getting my fill of NPR and Common Sense (really slow ugly site, but great podcast content) over the internet, same as always. Recommended listening!

I'm coming home on 3 June. If anyone wants me to bring any gadgets such as iPhones, they'd better let me know pretty soon....


Morgan said...

I saw my first sundog over Kingsland (well actually it was probably over the Waitemata, but I was in Kingsland). I was so excited by it that when I got to my friend's place I enthused about it, and in trying to describe it (it looked like a rainbow, but without the bow, like a cloud made of rainbows) what did I call it? A raincloud. Duh.

Carolyn said...

"I saw a raincloud yesterday and it was so pretty!". Hm.

Isn't it, like, 2am or something for you? I guess your project is still making you work at oh-dark-hundred too.