Monday, 18 February 2008


From my new favourite site for random browsing, LimerickDB:

int factorial(int sum) {
if (sum == 1) return 1;
if (sum != 1)
return product(sum,
factorial(sum - 1)); }

(I just love this, especially since it works, but they're not all this geekily mathematical: click the Latest Submissions link and away you go). Caveat: not necessarily safe for work or those offended by the odd naughty word.

The best part is that all these limericks have been submitted in the past SEVENTEEN DAYS solely by readers of my all-time favourite webcomic, The forumites here are the most civilised I've ever found. Actual conversations! Politeness! Profundity, even! It gives me hope for the future of the interwebs. Especially since most of them are still in their teens.... the kids are all right.

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Anonymous said...

It's catching ... this appeared on just recently (

<piercings> A programmer started to cuss
<piercings> Because getting to sleep was a fuss
<piercings> As he lay there in bed
<piercings> Looping 'round in his head
<piercings> was: while(!asleep()) sheep++;