Monday, 3 March 2008

iHave an iPhone

And yes, I like it as much as I thought I would. Favourite features:

* inbuilt speakers for use as a speakerphone or a tiny tiny stereo for playing podcasts of In Our Time as I fall asleep at night.

* just beautiful user interaction and graphics. I don't think any other gadget makes me say "oh, cool!" quite so often.

* using Safari to Google for tourist locations in Houston and then find them on the map, while actually en route to said locations. (note for the safety-worried: I wasn't driving)

* "visual voicemail" - it's just a list of my voicemail messages that lets me listen to them in the order I want, but that's actually very useful.

* unlike my Treo, the call quality is not at all bad.

Things I wish it could do that it can't, yet:

* recognise addresses on web pages and turn them into links to open Maps.

* stay un-smudged for more than five seconds. I guess that's the price we pay for a multitouch interface.

* really know where it is, on Maps. It's usually out by about half a mile. (Mind you, that's often close enough to be useful).

Best bit: I managed to get a prepay account from AT&T, and avoided having to sign up to their 2-year contract. When I come home for good, I'll be free of AT&T entirely - yay!


Anonymous said...

Hey Carolyn, Isn't that an old model!

John B

Rachel said...

Cool! Tristram has one too; I am now an iPhone widow.

Did you find that it worked on Vodafone in NZ, or did you need to hack it first?

Carolyn said...

I haven't hacked it to work on VFNZ yet but I know plenty of people who have, and I'll be doing it as soon as I get home (gosh I hope AT&T isn't reading this).

Apparently ziphone is a good tool to do it with. Grant used that and it took less than 5 minutes.

I can bring you one if you like... I brought back three on my last trip home :0)