Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Everywheresville, TN

This is the view from the Honoured Client's office in Memphis. The building in the foreground is a bar, and the one behind that, obscured by trees, is the hotel I'm staying in. The ground is flat. The sky is grey. Oops, gray. There is a McDonald's over the road, near the Burger King and over the corner from the BP and the Hilton.

Today I walked across the road to work, did work (having meetings and writing documents and sending emails) and had breakfast and lunch and dinner. The only even remotely exciting thing I did was deliver my first rental car back to the airport, using the GPS navigation doofer for the first time (she has been named "Lucy" by Rod, one of my travel buddies) and pick up my second, slightly larger and slightly darker grey/gray, rental car. It's been that sort of day. You can have them anywhere. I could be anywhere.

I'm driving to Pine Bluff tomorrow. There may be more interesting photos, but I wouldn't count on it.

Carbon Update:

6 Jan:

Hotel night: 8.01 kg
Driving rental car 20km: 3.92 kg

7 Jan:

Hotel night: 8.01 kg
Driving rental car 20km: 3.92 kg
1 day in the office: don't know yet.
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