Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Gadgets you wouldn't need in NZ, part I...

Even without buying an iPhone I have been having fun with gadgets here. This first one is the GPS navigation in the car.

I'd never used one of these before (I mean, in NZ, who needs it? There's always a handy mountain to triangulate on). It's incredibly easy to use - pick the address and it works out a route and tells me the intersections in a Generic American Female Voice, in enough time to get into the correct lane even when I'm still getting used to the car and the roads and there's a truck trying to drive up my tailpipe.

With roads that look like this....
it's kind of essential.

Mind you I wouldn't mind if it could find some other way of saying "when it is safe to do so, please make a legal U-turn".... and while the calm woman's voice is all very nice, I think George Clooney really starts needing to do voice recordings for these things....

But the name's not quite right. It should be "NeverCompletelyLostButSometimesOnTheWrongStreet". Maybe they figured that wouldn't fit on the label.
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