Thursday, 31 January 2008

Slice of life in Arkansas

I promised myself I'd take some photos today, so show you an average slice of life for me in Arkansas. Forthwith:

A rare shot of the mill, where I am working for Honoured Client. The stuff coming out of the top is steam, honest.

A Twinkie. I, and many of the other Kiwis on the team, remember eating these in NZ when we were children, so one of the guys bought a box of them. Be warned: they are exactly like they were when we were four years old, but now that's not scrummy any more.
There are still a few in the box if anyone wants one.

The Frozen Pizza aisle at WalMart, where I do 90% of my shopping. Yes, a whole aisle devoted to nothing but frozen pizza in all its icy cheesy glory.

And not ONE SINGLE FROZEN CURRY in the whole damn supermarket. I'll be a waif by the time I get home, a waif, I tell you!


Kerry Sainsbury said...

Do you know that this posting (and the one with the planes) have odd rendering problems in Firefox?

I decided to dance with the devil and try out Microsoft's browser to see if it did any better. Sadly, IE7, rather than attempting to display the actual blog content, displays 3 small boxes and an bold capital G.


Carolyn said...

Yes, I compose my postings using Firefox and I've noticed the odd rendering too. I don't care quite enough to bother trying to diagnose or fix it.

IE6 rendered the page without images when I tried it from work, but experimentation revealed that it was because the work firewall was blocking images from blogspot but not blocking text from the same site (weirdness upon oddness).