Monday, 21 January 2008

Icy Day

Global warming, my bottom. It hasn't got above freezing at all today. But it has been very pretty, so here are some very pretty photos showing all the ice. (Luckily none of the ice was on the roads, because I've driven about 200 miles today).

First, here's ice forming on the edge of the lake at The Reserve On Dexter Lake, which is the apartment complex I stay at when I'm in Memphis. There's a fountain about four metres from this ice: it's amazing it formed at all. It was minus 6 degrees C when I took this, at about 10am.

Next, a fountain in a shopping mall in Memphis. Water was still trickling and it had formed intricate globular icicle all over the layers. I took this photo at midday and it had started to melt - a whole chunk fell off just after I snapped this shot. It was about 4 below 0 C at this point.

And this is what happens when you leave a water bottle in the car overnight. I took a few drinks from this water as I was driving along, and idly thought "oh, it's pretty cold". I didn't notice the solid block of ice until I stopped for coffee, after an hour of driving. You can just see the NeverLost GPS in the background. It was zero degrees C when I took this shot, mid afternoon.

As you can see from all three photos it's been a stunningly beautiful day. Doesn't look cold at all, does it. It lies, believe me, it lies.

Carbon Update
... coming soon. I've driven about 500 miles since the last update, though, and I've also found out the electricity for Pine Bluff is from 50% coal, 30% nucular (as they say it here) and 20% "other". Hmmm.


The Morgan said...

They only say "other" because even modern spin techniques can't make "oil squeezed from puppies and kittens" sound good.

Carolyn said...

and baby seals. And lemurs.