Monday, 7 January 2008

Something tells me we're not in Kansas any more, Toto

This was the first thing I noticed when we landed in Memphis. Interestingly there wasn't a similar sign on the men's loos, I mean washrooms, I mean conveniences. Maybe that's where the severe weather comes from?

The second interesting thing I saw was a policeman on a bike. Inside the terminal building. But he was armed, so I didn't photograph him. See, I'm learning caution.

The rest of the things I've seen in Memphis were un-photoworthy. You've seen one shopping mall, etc.

Carbon Usage Update:

3 Jan:
Home for one day: 1.58kg
Driving 60km: 11.76kg
Dinner out:0.01kg (executive decision: I won't count these any more)

4 Jan:
Home day: 1.58kg
Driving huge-ass Range Rover 25km:11.76kg (CarboNZero doesn't differentiate on car type)

5 Jan: This is the big one.

Home day: 1.58kg
Fly AKL-LAX-MEM, which is 13064.36km so that's 2730.45kg of CO2. Yow.
Drive 10km in rental car: 1.96kg

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Antony Stubbs said...

Woah! That's really funny, kind of. I saw a policeman on a bike in Rotorua, but he certainly didn't have a gun.